• Private Bathrooms
  • Hot Water Showers
  • Free Wifi Internet
  • Cable T.V. in Rooms
  • Ceiling Fan in Rooms
  • Rooftop Terrace with Swimming Pool
  • Free Coffee
  • Laundry Service
  • Room Linens Changed Daily
  • Kitchen & Dining Room Available for Use ( Request Prior to Using )


  • Room 1: Two Double Beds with Air Conditioning
  • Room 2-4: Double Bed and Twin Bed with Air Conditioning
  • Rooms 5 & 9: One Single Bed
  • Room 6-8:  Double Bed and Twin Bed
  • Room 10: Double Bed and Twin Bed with Air Conditioning


We have 10 rooms available.  Most rooms contain a double-bed and a single-bed.  Room 1 is larger and contains two double-beds.  Room 5 is smaller and contains one single-bed.All rooms come with the following:

  • Private bathroom (with a hot water shower).
  • Television with Cable TV.
  • Ceiling fan.
  • Storage space.
  • Access to the shared rooftop hammocks and swimming pool.
  • Bed linen and towels are replaced daily.

We can help you with advice for getting around, tourist attractions, and any questions you may have about the town.  You are welcome to use the kitchen and dining room if you ask beforehand.  If you would like breakfast prepared for you, please ask us the day before.  You are welcome to take a cup of coffee.


Single-bed (Rooms 5 and 9) US$13 per night (or 260 Lempiras) for one person
Double-bed plus single: US$20 per night (or 400 Lempiras) for up to two people (or US$25 / L500 per night with Air Conditioning)
US$25 per night (or 500 Lempiras) for up to three people (or US$30 / L600 per night with Air Conditioning)
Two double-beds (Room 1): US$30 per night (or 600 Lempiras) for up to four people (or US$35 / L700 per night with Air Conditioning)
Typical Copaneco breakfast 50 Lempiras
American breakfast 50 Lempiras
Free coffee for all guests  
Laundry You are welcome to use the laundry or have us do your laundry for you.  Please ask for prices as it depends on the load.