The Mayan Ruins of Copan

The Copán Ruins are by far the #1 attraction of Western Honduras, and among all the sites of the Maya. Here at this protected UNESCO world heritage site, are the only of the Mayan Dynasty where you can find fully 3D relief statues that date back 900AD.

Copán's ruins offer the tourist and student the ability to view and study a 63-step hieroglyphic staircase, a carved stelae depicting the important Maya rulers during Copán’s occupation, ball court, the Sepulatura's, and numerous religious sites and pyramids.


Museums & Galleries

In and around Copan are numerous museums and galleries displaying art & creations from the ancient period till now. Many of the museums are bi-lingual, and have bi-lingual staff on hand to help answer any questions and explain the exhibits.

Many of the galleries in town are owned, and operated by Mayan descendants who hands continue to create unique gifts and items, just like the many generations before them.


Welchez Copan Coffee Tour

Take a tour through Finca Santa Isabel (Welchez Cafe Plantation) and experience what it takes to make a gourmet coffee. The plantation has setup many nature trails to explore the coffee bean production from plant to processing, and allow visitors a chance to spot one or more of the tropical birds and parrots that frequent the area.

Meals and fresh hot coffee are available on site. For those who cannot make it to the plantation outside of Copan, then inside the town of Copan is Welchez Cafe, which is complete with full meals, desserts, and of course coffee.


Macaw Mountain Sanctuary

A short distance North of Copan, approximately 10 minutes by vehicle, is the absolutely stunning Macaw Mountain bird sanctuary. Tours are offered in both English and Spanish, and will properly introduce you to the Mayan religious icon, the macaw, along with several other species of tropical birds and parrots.

The park straddles both sides of the Cakaguatales Creek, and offers guests a relaxing swimming hole, a visit to the coffee farm, and a restaurant complete with smoked cheeses perched over the creek.


Maya/Chorti Villages & Countryside

The town of Copan is the central hub for the local Maya/Chorti villages in the area. To this day, the indigenous peoples continue to work the land, and live off of the very same things they have for centuries.

The countryside is dotted with coffee plantations, tobacco farms, and several small single family farms offering a fresh variety of exotic fruits and vegetables.  In addition to produce, in several spots you will find handmade clothes, blankets & quilts, bags, and different types of gifts and souvenirs. 

Tourists can explore the area by many different means:

  • Mountain Biking & Hiking
  • Horseback Riding
  • River Kayaking & Tubing
  • Jungle Canopy Zip Line Tours


Spanish Schools

Copan has 2 of the top schools for learning Spanish in all of Honduras. Many university students from all over the world have extended visits to Copan for research purposes, and find learning Spanish to be an added incentive to their trip. 

  • Guacamaya Spanish School
  • Ixbalanque Spanish School


City of Copan

The city of Copan is a tourist oriented city, and offers several different types of restaurants, gift shops, markets, and normal necessity shops throughout the city. 

Come visit Copan for a once in a life-time experience!