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Family Owned & Operated

Established in 2002

 We are a Mayan/Chorti descended family that first opened our doors early in 2002. Since then, we have proudly accommodated 1000's of guests to the Copan Ruins, and look forward to serving 1000's more! 

Our doors are open to walk-ins! Please stop by if you are in the area and need an affordable place to stay!

Copan Ruins

The Copán Ruins are by far the #1 attraction of Western Honduras, and among all the sites of the Maya. Here at this protected UNESCO world heritage site, are the only of the Mayan Dynasty where you can find fully 3D relief statues that date back 900AD..

Copán's ruins offer the tourist and student the ability to view and study a 63-step hieroglyphic staircase, a carved stelae depicting the important Maya rulers during Copán’s occupation, ball court, the Sepulatura's, and numerous religious sites and pyramids. 

Macaw Mountain Sanctuary

A short distance North of Copan, approximately 10 minutes by vehicle, is the absolutely stunning Macaw Mountain bird sanctuary. Tours are offered in both English and Spanish, and will properly introduce you to the Mayan religious icon, the macaw, along with several other species of tropical birds and parrots. 

The park straddles both sides of the Cakaguatales Creek, and offers guests a relaxing swimming hole, a visit to the coffee farm, and a restaurant complete with smoked cheeses perched over the creek.

Luna Jaguar Hot Springs

The Luna Jaguar Hot Springs north of Copan have been voted the BEST Hot Springs In Honduras! This park is about a 30 minute drive north out of Copan through the lush, rolling hills of the old Mayan empire. Upon arrival, you will find a restaurant/bar, cold water swimming pool, and outdoor showers and bathrooms.

Across the bridge over the river, the hot springs have been molded into a modern day spa, and are framed by Mayan style stonework, statues and walkways. In this area, there are 13 different treatment areas offering: differing temperature hot tubs, herbal steam baths,  hot/cold foot massage pool, therapeutic mud bath, sweat lodge, and body massages.